Alex Z Photography is a boutique photo studio located in Manhattan specializing in creative, modern photojournalism for today's bride.

Alex Z is one of New York's highest sought-after photographers in the field of contemporary wedding photojournalism. Her award-winning international portfolio is a collection of narrative essays—capturing candids with sophisticated fine art sensibility. Her 10 years of expertise and vibrant spontaneity has earned her distinguished recognition among top industry professionals. Alex Z is a powerhouse of energy and creativity, her enthusiasm for life translates effortlessly into her images and she develops a close personal relationship with each of her clients. She is an ideal photographer for couples wishing to have artistic, fresh, fun documentation of their wedding. Alex has been published in The Knot, New York Magazine, WPJA, Brides, Hamptons, and the New York Times.

"I capture spontaneity, composition, fresh color, and emotion. When these elements are in balance, they are forever imprinted onto the viewers memory. Cookie cutter event photography is totally out. Weddings are fully charged events loaded with rhythm, energy and beauty. This should translate into extraordinary images, not generic reproductions."